Welcome to the wonderful world of Educational Toys, Books, Games and CDs. We at Junior’s Club aim to provide fun filled education & amusement to your young ones, beyond traditional reading and writing. Our carefully selected range of Toys, Games and Books stirs imagination, stimulates creativity and spontaneity, encourages the free flow of thoughts and improves the power of observation & concentration. As a child grows, his learning needs also grow and our toy range also keeps continuously growing so that you save money, space and time and that too at a very affordable price.

Why rent it from Junior’s Club

1. It saves your money, time and space

2. Educate and entertain your child with wide range of Toys, Games, Books CDs and more variety.

3. Resources for school projects

4. Test toys to see if your child likes them before buying them

5. Children get bored with new toys in a few days, and it is not always possiblefor parents to buy new ones often

6. Teaches your child to look after toys that belongs to someone else

7. Better for the environment


  • Junior’s Club library is worth joining. It helps the child in all the aspects of development, phonics ,physical- hand eye coordiantion, mentally, memory, concentration etc. It makes my child’s daily routine bright, keeps him cheerful and wanting to study and play longer. It is above satisfactory level for me….

    Dr. Archana Rane (Dalvi) Mom of Shushrut Rane
  • very good collection,especially books. Games are equally good. Would like to be  a part of your library as long as you’ll are there. Amazing experience having your member

    By Paulomi Goradia (Sp.edu. - Mansa Rehab Center)
  • Toy libraries are Economical way to expose children to a wide range of play things. Toy libraries are solution which will get our child play with the best & latest Toys, Books & CDs. That are genius way to get all toys on rent & once they lose interest in them simply change & get new. Junior’s club is very well maintained and clean toy library.It has wide collection of toys, books cd, worksheet, charts etc.It is very nice experience for me to join toy library, my daughters is enjoying the toys , books, charts, cds , pzl and she learnt so many things. I can increase her general knowledge, and so many educational things through toy library.

    Priti Sanghvi - Mother of Aashi sanghvi


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